Picture of the Day - "Note To Self - Zoom Out" - Mar. 8, 2017

Went for a drive today to check out a reported owl sighting. On the way, we saw an eagle fly across the highway and back again, near Grand-Barachois. It landed in a tree beside the road and let us get some good shots and I will post a couple shortly. On we went, looking for the owl. We finally spotted the owl and took a few shots of it as well, also to follow.  Between these sightings, we saw a Red-tailed Hawk on a wire. It gave me an excellent reminder to remember to zoom out, now and then, when it suddenly took off. I was not quick enough to adjust enough to keep it in frame and missed an almost perfect shot. Taken with Canon 70D, Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary @ 600mm, 1/1250 sec, f/6.3 and ISO 640