Picture of the Day - "Morning Commute" - June 13, 2016

Another cool, damp, drizzling day and things were not looking good for pictures. Had to hang around downtown for a store to open so did a bit of exploring. Not much happening at the river as the tide was still coming in and almost full. Went over to the Superstore parking lot to see if anything was happening up on Hall's Creek. We solved a bit of a mystery as we have not seen many Canada Geese around the traffic circle. Looks like they all moved across the water to the parking lot. Which is a lot safer place for them, as traffic is a bit slower in the parking lot :)  We followed them all the way across the lot until they were almost to the river. Taken with Canon 70D, Canon 100-400mm @ 105mm, 1/125 sec, f/8 and ISO 800