Picture(s) of the Day - "A Day With The Eagles" - Jan 7, 2019

The beginning of 2019 has been an interesting start to the year for us. The weather was either unusually mild or we have snow and freezing temperatures. But that is par for the Maritimes…..lol.

So starting the year off was a snowy owl, then we went on a little trip and we got to spend a bit of time with some bald eagles. On the day we went, there must have been over a 100 of them, all ages, from juveniles, to sub adults, to adults. It was a wonderful day. As you all might know, I especially have an attachment to eagles, owls, and foxes. We love all wildlife, but those 3 are among my favourites.

We had my daughter with us and at one spot, I wanted to show her an eagle’s nest we knew was in the area. Of course, at this time of the year, it was not in use. When we stopped and pointed it out to her, at first she didn’t see it, and then she said “Mom, I don’t see the nest, but I see an eagle”. We looked up and there was an sub adult bald eagle sitting on a branch on one of the trees. We got out to see it and when we did, there must have been a dozen eagles in the tree just above our heads because they all flew at the same time, making snow fall on our heads….lol. We never saw or heard them until they flew :) But it was an amazing view.

On one of the trees, there was an juvenile bald eagle, sitting very relaxed, near our car when we came back (last 3 photos). He/she let us take several photos and never moved, only looked around. Such a beautiful bird :)

Taken with Sony A73 & Sigma 150-600 C lens with Sigma 1.4x teleconverter @840mm.