Snowy Owls To End 2018

The very last day of 2018 was a great end to the year. Cannot get better than owls…..(or eagles….lol). One of the owls was getting harassed by a crow. Usually we see more than one trying to harass them, but this time there was only one. Crows are extremely intelligent, but I don’t think the owl thought so that day….lol.

On our way home, we saw another one on the roof near the chimney, having a snooze. I really like the composition on this one (last photo). It was very cold that day and it’s almost as if she was trying to warm herself up :) Not really….but to us mere humans, it may seem that way :)

Taken with Canon EOS R & Canon 300mm f/2.8 L IS with Canon 2x lll teleconverter @600mm, cropped.