A Deer Of A Morning With A 300mm f/2.8 Lens

As of yesterday, we have in our possession a Canon 300mm f/2.8 L IS lens. So decided this morning to take it for a test drive with a couple of cameras (Sony a7iii & Canon 5Div…..we will be testing it on the Canon 7Dii soon). We also attached the Canon 2x iii teleconverter. This made a 600mm lens at f/5.6. This lens is not light weight by any stretch and it has a huge front element of glass, but we were able to handhold it in certain situations and other times it was braced on the car window with a Beanbag Camera Support.

We took off at sunrise to see what we could find. We encountered quite a few deer along the way, including two young bucks play fighting (which only lasted about 30 seconds.…lol), and one casually eating the leaves from a tree, totally ignoring us. There were also several does and fawn.

Love getting out in the early part of the day as well as late day for sunsets :)

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