Picture(s) of the Day - "Early Morning Sun" - Sept 16, 2018

This morning, when leaving work, we stopped over by the riverfront as the sun had just risen and the sky was very pink and red with a lot of bluish purple clouds. It was beautiful and the light was rapidly changing in about 10 minutes from bright pinks and purples to yellows and purples. This is the time of year we love as when we are leaving work, the sun is coming up…..at least for a little while :)

All photos taken with Sony a7iii & Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 FE for Sony & Sony 85mm f1.8 FE (first 2 photos)

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sunrise-flower-petitcodiac river-new-brunswick-brimages.ca
sunrise-petitcodiac river-new-brunswick-2-brimages.ca
sunrise-petitcodiac river-new-brunswick-3-brimages.ca