Someone Might Need Help (WARNING Graphic Content)

Out on our usual day off roadtrip, we spotted something on the side of the road. It was a Barred Owl, in the weeds on the shoulder of the road. We got some pictures and then it hopped down into the ditch. It took a drink, spreading its wings a bit for balance. It then hopped out of the ditch and walked/hopped off into the woods. We left a message with Altlantic Wildlife Institute and waiting for a reply, if there is a concern. When we got back, I looked at my pictures and you can see the left eye looks milky in one of the shots. When I went through all the shots, it looks like it can't close the eyelid on the left but it can close the nictating membrane for protection of the eye. I can't quite see it in the closeup I got though. We are not really sure if the owl needs help or not.

We heard back from Atlantic Wildlife Institute. They think the owl may need medical help. If anyone is in the area of Camp Wildwood and spots the owl, let us know.