Picture of the Day - "Catch Of The Day" - May 11, 2018

Well as I walked into the park this morning after dropping my daughter off to school, I had a nice.....well....I should say "mini heart attach" surprise. I will elaborate....lol. 

As I walked in, I was finding all kinds of song birds and hearing some other song birds that I've heard before but have never seen what is making the sound. So while I was wandering along, looking around and trying to figure out where it was coming from, I went in a bit on the swampy grass area around some branches. As I did, something flew up, not more than 6 feet from me, into the air and over the trees to the water on the other side. As I caught my breath (as my heart was beating a million miles an hour after jumping back), I looked up to see the back of the Green Heron in flight at this point. After my heart settled down, I realized he was no more than a few feet from me so well hidden, I didn't even see him. You talk about a good jolt to get the heart pounding, that was it this morning....lol.

I followed where he went and along with 2 other photographer friends that I met up with on the water side, we spotted him after quite a few minutes. So I made my way down to an advantage point where I could possibly get into position to get some photos, shooting through branches. I sat down on the ground to get a better view and then the heron flew over a bit closer, more in the clear and started fishing. I watched him for several minutes, all awhile staying very still so as to not disturb him. Then he dove and got his breakfast. He did this several times and had quite a good meal this morning. But out of the many shots taken this morning, this is one of my favourites. There are more coming :)

Taken with Canon 5Div & Canon 100-400 f4-5.6 IS L ll and Canon 1.4x lll teleconverter.

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