Pictures of the Day - "A Light Snow(y)" - Feb 13, 2018

Another trip to Saint John, NB to see if the owl was out and about. We took my daughter with us as she has never seen her yet. When we got there we didn't see her right away, but then we spotted her on the light post. We took a few pictures and then went around another way. But this time the sun was setting and giving this beautiful golden light. The last 2 photos are when the sun was setting.

We also saw some deer and a fox that was hanging out with the deer. But by the time we spotted the fox, it took off and we didn't get any photos of it. However, we did get photos of the deer :) Those will be coming in a future post.

Feel free to share :)

snowy owl - saint john - nb -
snowy owl (2)- saint john - nb -
snowy owl (3) - saint john - nb -