Picture(s) of the Day - "Mallard Duck Squabble" - Dec 29, 2018

Today was just a fun day at our local park spending time with the mallard ducks that are hanging around. There was some bickering going on between one of the females and one of the males (first 3 photos). It started out that she was giving him a “good” talking to…..lol, then she turned around and he bit her in the backside. At that point she decided to take off and flew off the fence. It was amusing to watch :)

Last photo was another female mallard that flew by a few moments after the squabble and half turned her head to look in the males direction....lol.

Taken with Canon EOS R & Sigma 150-600mm C lens @180mm / 1/1000 secs / f6.3 / ISO 3200.

Last photo was shot at f8 / ISO 12,800 / 1/1600 secs / @165mm.