Picture(s) Of The Day - "Sunrise Snowies" - December 11, 2018

This morning after leaving work, the sun was about a half hour away from rising. So we decided to do some scouting around to see what we could find.

Along our route we discovered what we think is a female snowy owl perched on a fence post, looking pretty :) She spotted us and in the second photo, gave us what looks like a “I saw you” grin….lol. We moved on after a few minutes and then as a bonus on our way back, we saw another snowy owl. Probably a young male, but not sure as it was quite a distance.

It was a great morning and a great ending to our day (we work the graveyard shift) :)

Shot on Sony A7iii & Canon 100-400mm F/4-5.6 IS L ll with Canon 2xii teleconverter (@ 800mm).