Picture(s) of the Day - "Surprise Visitor" - Jan 17, 2018

Well normally one of our trips yields a few birds, pheasants, hawks, and sometimes owls. However, today we had a surprise.....a big one. We were on one road, looking around for wildlife, and all of a sudden I noticed something moving just behind some weeds about 10 feet from us. I had to take a second look and needless to say we stopped the car and got out. Imagine the thoughts going through our minds once we discovered it was a Bobcat....a young one, probably it's first winter. It stayed around for about 20 minutes letting us take pictures and then proceeded to walk across the road and towards our car (third photo) and then went under the car. It laid under the car for a few seconds before proceeding on down into a ditch and a few minutes later crossed the road again to the other side and walked down to another ditch and that's where it continued on.  Not sure where it went but it was a surprise seeing a Bobcat. Not something we expected or even thought of. But a day we won't forget :)

Taken with Sony a6500 & Canon 100-400mm f4-5.6 L IS ll with Sigma 1.4x teleconverter and the Sigma MC-11.

Most of these photos are uncropped and a couple are not at full length of the lens. I had to zoom out again, sometimes to 174mm, to get it in the frame.

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