Picture of the Day - "Up, Up, And Away! Wait, Is That A 7?" - Sept 8, 2017

This morning we went to the Sussex Balloon Feistival. It started out cloudy, but the sun came out briefly for a bit of a sunrise, then went back in again. After awhile, the sun made another appearance and stayed out this time but we were on our way home again. We decided we would go back again this evening as it looked like another promising balloon flight. When we got there, it was a bit windy, but it died down enough by 7pm, they went up shortly after that.

Looking through the pictures we took and with my daughter's help, this one was chosen as my picture of the day as she said it looks like they were forming the number 7 :) And of course, where the balloons went up shortly after 7, I couldn't resist......lol.

Taken with Sony A6500 & Sony FE 85mm f1.8. Shot settings: 1/640 secs, f6.3, ISO 250.

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