Picture of the Day - "Frog's Eye View" - Sept 12, 2017

Today we scouted around for some more locations and came up with a few good ones. Along the way though, we came across this swampy area. There were dragonflies flying around the water and bushes. I looked down after watching the dragonflies, and I saw this green lump in the water. After getting a bit closer, I discovered it was a frog, just hanging out with flies on his head....lol. I laid the camera down on the ground and propped it up with some rocks to get the angle I wanted. After a few moments, he splashed back down into the water. I love the reflection. This image is uncropped.

Taken with Sony A6500 & Canon 100-400mm f4-5.6 IS L ll with Canon 1.4x lll teleconverter @560mm.