Picture of the Day - "Natural Camouflage" - August 31, 2017

We went out this morning to see what was around. We saw a great blue heron and some song birds, but on this one path we were on, we heard something rustling in the bushes. Roger went in and motioned for me to come over. At first I couldn't see her, but then she moved and started running through the tall weeds and grass. It was a female Ring-necked pheasant. It was hard to get a shot with her moving so quickly and with all the weeds around, but I fired off one shot just as she ducked down in the grass while running.....and also in mid blink.....lol. The title is so appropriate for this shot as it was hard to spot her if she didn't move :)

Taken with Canon 7D Mark ll & Canon 100-400mm f4-5.6 IS L ll with Canon 1.4x ll teleconverter. Shot settings: 1/1600 secs, f8, ISO 500, in manual mode.