Picture of the Day - "Light Out Of The Darkness" - August 25, 2017

Another photo from our couple session with Celine & Scott, where we met up on Riverview side and ended up in Tantramar Marsh at the end of the session. We wanted to try a night scene where we took a long exposure to take in all the night sky and then lit them separately. It was an interesting and fun shoot :) It was completely dark.....and I mean, you couldn't see anything.....lol. For anyone who has been at the Marsh at night will know there are absolutely no lights.....no street lights, no house lights, nothing. It is pitch dark.

I had to keep giggling as we were focusing on them by the barn with manual focus only and with the help of a flashlight and with Scott turning on his car headlights every few seconds so we could get focus on them and then he'd turn them off again when we were ready to take the shot....lol. We lit the barn with one light and another was off to the right, lighting them, as the shutter went off. The yellowish colour in the sky is the city lights way in the background lighting up the very cloudy night. I was hoping for a clearer night for some stars, but I love the way this turned out as it is different :)

Taken with Canon 5Div & Sigma 20mm f1.4 "Art" lens. Settings: 15 second exposure, f2, ISO 3200.