Picture of the Day - "End of the Day, End of Vacation" - June 8, 2017

End of the day has come and with it the end of our vacation. We actually took an extra day as it was forecast to be the first real, warm, sunny day we had during the past couple of weeks. We had a few days where the sun came out for a little while but not the whole day. One day last week we even had hail, thunder and lightning and a torrential downpour followed by a couple of hours of sun, which I got a bit too much of and burnt myself a bit. So tomorrow, we are back to work.

We spent a good part of the day back in PEI. We saw Eagles on the way, as well as some Osprey and an Eastern Kingbird, when we stopped to check out the Cape Jourmaine Owls. They have fledged, by the way. We didn't see the Owls but hopefully will, next year. Once on the Island, we saw lots of Cormorants, some Sparrows and Swallows as well as more Osprey. I caught one of the Osprey as it was lifting off and flying away with a fish but he was quite a distance away. We then went looking to see if the Foxes would be out. Saw four adults but no kits, this time. We ended the day taking in the sunset at Cavendish Beach.