Picture Of The Day - "Will You Be My Friend" - June 6, 2017

Spent another cold day out looking for interesting sights. Seeing lots of of momma birds with little ones. They are all so cute at this age, all fuzzy little balls of fluff. Stopped by a few Osprey nests but they were all hunkered down from the wind and cold. Saw a big Raven being harassed by Crows and Starlings. We took a break to warm up and then went back out. Saw a lot more Goslings then we though possible, at once. In two separate groups, I could count 33 and 27 respectively. A bit later we saw three lone Goslings swim passed, heading towards a family of 2 adults and 8 youngsters, but they were much younger. I hope they find their parents or get taken under the wing of the other family group. We saw this guy, swimming back and forth, around a decoy that someone left in a pond. It looked like it was trying to make friends, without much success.

Taken with Canon 70D, Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary @ 600mm, 1/1250 sec, F/8 and ISO 1250