Picture of the Day - "Sundown over the Sackville Waterfowl Park" - June 28, 2017

Spent some time down on the Tantramar Marsh and in the Sackville Waterfowl Park this afternoon, before heading over to Cape Jourmaine and then back to the Park. On the way to the park, the first time, we saw a Turkey Vulture flying over the highway. On the Marsh we saw quite a few Boblinks and a couple of Northern Harriers. Saw the usual assortment of ducks, a few with ducklings that were almost full grown, in the park. We headed over to Cape Jourmaine to see the Canada C3 Expedition ship. It was anchored off Cape Tormentine and quite a ways out, so we did not get the best shots due to heat haze. Saw an American Bittern in the marsh right next to the road but it took off just as we were about to get pictures, which was a shame as it was about 20 feet from us. We then saw an Osprey being chased by a Red-winged Blackbird. I think the Osprey flew a bit too close to the Blackbirds territory. We made our way back to Sackville and caught the sunset over the park.

Taken with Canon 70D, Canon 18-135mm @ 35mm, 1/250, F/8 and ISO 400