Strange New World - Part 4 (Flashback to July 17th, 2016)

With the imminent hatching of this year's brood, I thought I should get this post up. Here are the last of the pictures from the day D'Eagle fledged.  While D'Eagle was out exploring, L'Eagle was loudly protesting to one of their parents when food was delivered.

L'Eagle was trying her best to get airborne.

D'Eagle, meanwhile was checking out things. She was practicing her pounce and lift technique on this piece of wood for several minutes.

It seemed L'Eagle managed a short flight out on to the branch but then had to try to get back as all the smaller branches were in the way.

We had a surprise visitor while we were standing around taking pictures. I had turned around and saw this little one walking along the edge of the mound. I started taking pictures and saying "Deer". Took several times before anyone clued in that I was shooting something and not calling to Bev.

We came back later that evening and found D'Eagle in the trees opposite the nest.

L'Eagle was still quite vocal and working hard at getting airborne.

The look of determination. She was saying to herself that her time was coming soon and she would fly, I think.

She did. The next day.

That's it for a the day D'Eagle fledged. It was a long, emotional day and we felt very privileged to be part of it.