Strange New World - Part 1 (Flashback to July 17th, 2016)

With this year's breeding/nesting season coming up soon for our favourite pair of Moncton Eagles, I thought I would bring back a memory from last year. This was the day D'Eagle fledged. With so much to share, I thought to break it up into a multi-part post. Here is a bit of a refresher. At about 7 AM the first Eagle Watcher showed up at the nest and to his surprise, there was only one eaglet in the nest. The word went out and soon there were 5 of us there looking around to see if we could find the missing eaglet. We looked all around the area to no luck. Finally about 9:30, we heard something thrashing around in the underbrush, under the nest tree. We cautiously approached and found D'Eagle. She appeared unhurt. so we backed out again.


Bev and Roland stayed behind for a moment. Bev , as usual, was talking to D'Eagle and asking if she was alright and if she could find her way out. As Bev backed out, Roland shouted that D'Eagle was coming out as well. She stepped out of the foliage, following Bev's footsteps.

She stopped to say "Hello" and proceeded to investigate this new world she found herself in.

More to come , shortly in Part 2