Road Trip - Oct. 13th, 2016

Here is the follow up to my Picture of the Day. We started off just after dawn and headed to Penosquis, to check out the area for Eagles. We had to stop a few times on the way to get pictures of the morning fog.


There is a small lake or pond alongside the road into Penobsquis and we stopped for this beautiful scene.


We walked down to check out the nest and startled one of the juveniles from a nearby tree but we were too slow to get any shots of it. So we had to settle for some scenery instead.


We drove around the area stopped an adult eagle sitting in a tree that was not that far from the nest, just two fields over. It took off after a minute or so and went down the road.


We spotted it a couple minutes later on top of a hydro pylon, calling out to its mate, we believe, who was being chased by some crows. It took off again after it's mate and the crows.


Stopped for lunch and then went looking for fall colours and ended up in Waterford and took some waterfall pictures as well.


Headed towards home again but stopped a couple more times. First in Centennial Park. Hoping for some good reflections of the leaves but it was a bit too windy. We did spot some photogenic birds though. A couple of Gulls, a duck (not sure but I think, a Mallard female), four Hooded Mergansers and a young Double-crested Cormorant.


We ended up at our new favorite spot for eagles but were out of luck. All we saw was a lone Canada Goose. He was looking around and you could almost hear him say "Where did everyone go?" Just before we left, Bev saw a couple of birds flying towards us and it turned out to be a Northern Harrier and a Crow, having a running battle in the air.