Picture of the Day - "Call of Nature" - May 9, 2017

Our road trip of the day took us in another direction. We headed downriver, through Riverview, where we got the answer to "Why did the Pheasant cross the road",  around that detestable detour, through Hillsborough and down to Hopewell Rocks. Along the way we saw three young Eagles (1 or 2 years old from the colouring) flying over the road, just south of Hillsborough. We stopped by a couple of nests we know about and both were occupied. At the first nest, the lady of the house we think, took off just after we got there. She came back a minute or two later with her mate, who took up residence on a snag above the nest. She then proceeded to fly off, scolding him on the way, in search of lunch we think. We were speculating that he was late coming home so she went out and dragged him back to look after the kid(s) while she went for groceries. While we were at Hopewell, we saw a flight of Great Blue Herons go by, up close, but we saw them too late to get anything but backsides.  Taken with Canon 70d, Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary @ 500mm, 1/2500, f/8 and ISO 1000