A Day on the Water


Here is the follow up to my Picture of the Day. We started out kayaking up the river behind Robert's house in Richebucto Village. Robert took Bev in a double while I soloed. 


We saw this little guy on the shore just as we were starting out. I think it is a Solitary Sandpiper. Please correct me, if I am wrong, in the comments, on this one or any of the following :)


Had the next little one, fly in and land in front of me, like he wanted his picture taken.


We saw quite a few Kingfishers while we were on the river. These are the best of mine.


Up where we turned around we saw a Heron and this Cormorant waiting on his lunch to swim up.


We saw an Eagle when we first arrived and another one when we got back down the river. I didn't get any great shots though as it was too far away. We headed to shore for a quick lunch. I got these American Goldfinches on the feeders behind Robert's house.


We headed over to Cap-Lumière after lunch and walked up the beach. We saw a large herd of Sea Lions out in the water.


This little one was up the beach a ways. I think it is a Least Sandpiper.


Of course there were lots of gulls including some that are actually quite pretty, such as these immature Herring Gulls.


We saw a lot of Semipalmated Plovers and some Sanderlings. They are really quite small as seen when compared to the gulls in some of the pictures.


There were a pair of Black-bellied Plovers there. You can see the Sanderling running passed, so you can get a relative size.


It was getting later in the afternoon so we headed back and along the way, I almost stepped on this little fuzzy. I told him to get out of the road so that no gulls would see him and have him for a snack.


We stopped at the wharf and that is where we saw the Cormorants from my Picture of the Day.  They were just lounging around until we were spotted behind the rocks and then took off. There were quite a few there. Many more than I first saw. The last picture shows half of them, maybe.