Waterfalls - First Edition


This is the first of what I hope is a series of posts highlighting some of the picturesque waterfalls in our area. Some of these are fairly well know and you can find pictures all over but I hope you like my take on them. First up is Forty Five River Falls. This is a fairly easy set of falls to get to once you know about them. They are just a 2 minute, mind you treacherous, walk in the woods, off the side of the road.

Second on the list is Third Vault Falls. Fairly well know but quite a hike in the woods to get to. You are looking at 4 to 5 hours for a round trip if you plan on taking any time for pictures. There are also some pictures of the small brook running along the trail leading to the falls.

Third up is Dickson Falls. Probably the most widely known and photographed of the waterfalls in Fundy National Park, if not in all New Brunswick.

Last up, we have Laverty Falls. This was another hike in the woods that took most of the afternoon. The trail comes out at the top of the falls before going down. Take a few minutes to go up around the bend at the top of the falls to see some nice rapids.