Picture of the Day - "Orange Reflection" - March 5, 2017

Playing around with my Magmod system and off camera flashes again today. This time I took my Padparadscha Sapphire ring and put it on a silver paper and sprayed water around it making sure the reflection of the ring was still showing on the paper. I set up one flash with a Magmod Sphere on it to the left side of the ring and the other flash with a Magmod Grid on it to the right and front of the ring. I measured the ambient light and then set my camera so it was showing 1 stop underexposed to darken the background. I then set the colour temperature to 6700 K and fired a few shots. This was the result :) Canon 5D Mk lV & Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM – 1/30, f11, ISO 400, 2 flashes with magmod and wireless trigger.

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