Picture of the Day - "Frozen Light" - Jan 16, 2017

Took another drive out to Caissie Cape this morning, right after work, to catch the sunrise. We got there just before the sun rose over the horizon. We started taking a few photos just as the sun was coming up and shining onto the sheets of ice in the ocean. After a few minutes though, we got back in the car. It was -15 Celsius, but with the wind chill, more like -25 or more......brrrrr. I did get back out (as crazy as I am....lol) to take more photos when the sun was a little further over the horizon. However, while standing there, I couldn't feel my fingers, so I had to get back in the car a couple of times to warm up my hands and the rest of me......love heated seats....lol. But I love the results. So I would say it was worth a little bit of freezing :)
Canon 6D & Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM – @45mm, 1/160, f18, ISO 200, -1 exposure compensation.
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