Picture of the Day (Flashback to July 17th, 2016) - "Strange New World" - Jan. 15, 2017

Had a touch of the flu the last few days and I missed my last Picture of the Day and still not 100% so I am doing a Flashback. As any long time reader knows, we watched a couple of Eagles last summer, from the time their heads peeked over the side of the nest until they fledged. This was taken the day D'Eagle fledged. You can read about that day on my previous post "Flight". The look on her face as she stepped out of the trees and shrubs, to look around her, from ground level for the first time, was priceless. I am going to do a full post on that day, shortly. Taken with Canon 70D, Canon 100-400mm @ 400mm, 1/640 sec, f/5.6 and ISO 800.