Road Trip - May 26th, 2016

We took a bit of a road trip yesterday. Started with Ospey in Shediac and Grand Baracois then went down to the Tantramar Marsh to see if we could locate the spot where owls have been seen. On the way, we saw a moose walk out on the side of the road, stop for moment and then carry on across the road. We did not get stopped and our cameras out in time ot get a shot of him though. While checking out the marsh, we saw a junevile eagle, a couple of mature eagles and several of what we thought were falcons or hawks. We went back to the marsh in the evening and we ended up getting checked out by one of the owls, twice. You can read Bev's post for her picture of the day and see her picture of the owl here. We ended up the day with a beautiful sunset. Edit - Just an addition to the post. We did not go after the owl. He/she flew out of the fields towards us and off again. We did not chase after him/her at all, just stood taking pictures in awe. After reading a recent post about some people who didn't know better, who were out in the fields harassing the owls.