Picture of the Day - "The Rising Sun" - June 20, 2016

This morning Roger and I got up very early, at around 4am (we had the night off). We had some coffee and a bite to eat. Then we headed out to catch the sunrise. We ended up at Parlee Beach in Shediac. We were there before the sun rose with just a bit of purplish blue and pink in the sky indicating it was starting daybreak. We got lots of really nice shots and this one in particular I liked. I tried something different. I set the camera so it would have a shallower depth of field and focused on the water. Then I held the camera just above the sand with it resting on my hands (my hands were full of wet sand after this....lol). I also under exposed it by about 1 stop. I really like the results :) Taken with Canon 6D & Sigma 20mm F1.4 "Art" lens.