Nature Photography Challenge

Something different from the usual drama, rants, chain letters and jokes, is making the rounds in local photography community. Someone is challenged to post a Nature picture, each day for 7 days and nominate someone else to take the challenge each day as well. Last week, I was challenged by Beverly, as her last nomination when she was challenged the week before. I thought I would share the pictures I posted, all in one place :)

Day 1 of 7 "Challenge Accepted"



Day 2 of 7 "Misty Morn"


Day 3 of 7 "Colour of Promise"


Day 4 of 7 "Golden Hour"


Day 5 of 7 "Battle Scars"


Day 6 of 7 "I See Yoooou"


Day 7 of 7 "Challenge Complete - Time to Nap"