Getting Close to Our Hobby!

We had an interesting week. Of course, it was cool, wet and rainy most of the week because we are on vacation (never fails). I did get some good water droplets on flowers shots (coming soon to a post near you). We did get a bit of a break over the weekend so we to advantage and went waterfall hunting.Saturday, we went to Fundy Park and saw Third Vault Falls and Sunday was Dickson Falls and Laverty Falls. I hope to have those, as well as some we took of Forty Five River Falls, a few weeks ago, up soon. Mind you, the boardwalk at the falls, did allow a lot of vibration and there were a lot of people there, to cause vibration. We did get some good pictures though. So today, we went down to the riverfront, to get a bit of exercise so we did not stiffen up. Those hikes to the falls were hard work and we were a bit stiff and sore. That is a story for post with the waterfalls though. Anyway, while Bev was doing her test shots, I took a few as well.