Soar Like An Eagle - Part 3 (Flight Of The Parent)

July 3, 2016: This post is the last of the series. Although I will be posting more of the eaglets as they progress later.

This part is after the dad flew in and brought food and perched up on his usual branch. A bit later (a few minutes), he moved over to the farthest branch. Something seemed to tell me that he was about to leave again. Since I didn't get him coming or going in the first 2 trips he made that morning, I decided to move over a bit to the left and keep my camera on him. Well, after another few moments, my instinct was right. He flew off, right in my direction to my surprise, and was gone. The sun was back lighting him, so I put my exposure to 1 1/2 stops overexposed to catch some detail in his feathers and wings. He was so close when he flew towards me, he filled the frame with my 400mm lens :)

I hope everyone enjoyed this series as much as I did taking them. The eaglets are amazing to watch grow up, their behavior, and change into adults right before my eyes :)