Soar Like An Eagle - Part 2 (Feeding Time)

July 3, 2016: After the eaglets were done their practicing of taking flight (Part 1), they started calling out to their parents for breakfast. Shortly after a few calls, in comes dad. He was sneaky though, coming in from behind the trees so we didn't see him until he was in the nest, dropping off the food. Then he flew up to his normal perching branch. The eaglets didn't eat right away until dad left, which was interesting. One of the eaglets started spreading his wings again in front of dad as if to get approval of doing it right.

In the midst of him being there, an Osprey flew overhead and then decided to take a

The dad flew in 3 times that morning in about a 45 minute span. I managed to capture him on the first flight in after dropping off food and the last time on his way out (I will be posting Part 3 for those).

First flight in after dropping off food for the kids.


The parent eagle was a bit dirty with mud on his feet and feathers (head) and decided while up on his perch, to shake it off :)


One of the kids showing dad his practice routine :)


A low flying Osprey flew overhead and got all their attention. But it decided to take a detour after this :)


These kids are so respectful. It's almost as if they are thanking the dad for bringing them food :) They didn't eat until he left.


Part 3 of the same day, coming next……