Soar Like An Eagle - Part 1

This is Part 1 of a series on the same day, of the eaglets we've been watching since the end of April. They are almost ready for flight and everyday gets closer to one or both of them taking flight. This was taken just a few days ago on July 3, 2016 and this post is where one of them (I think the boy) almost makes it. He leapt the highest he has since starting his quest for flight. The other one (I think the girl) is also getting ready, but she is a little more laid back when it comes to the flying part. She doesn't seem to have to "try" as hard as he does, but I've now seen her on the big branch the same as the parents go on. So she may be the one flying first. He's a little bit more of a show off, spreading his wings and holding them in place, as if to say "look at me". She is a bit more laid back about the whole

The first 3 photos is the boy trying to take flight and the last photo is the 2 of them together after "practice" time was over. They seemed to be hungry for breakfast, after working up an appetite, and starting to call out to the parents to bring food :)

Part 2 of the same day, coming next......