Picture of the Day - "Whoooooo Are Youoooo?" - June 16, 2016


You never know what you might see when you least expect it :) Today while walking looking for song birds, all of a sudden I heard the loudest squawking from crows. So I went in the direction of the noise and couldn't see anything but the crows, I walked in a bit farther and still didn't see anything but the crows. They were very loud. So after about a half hour of walking around, I turned around to see this at eye level, a juvenile Great Horned Owl. He or she was sitting there about 60 to100 feet in front of me, watching. I will be posting the rest of the photos in the next post, so stayed tuned :)

Taken with Canon 7D Mark ll & Canon 400mm F5.6 L USM lens.