Picture of the Day - "Where Is Everyone?" - April 4, 2017

Today we drove around and ended up in a few places. Saw lots of wildlife and a few behaviours that are common in spring :)  We stopped in to Caissie Cape, met up with a few people we knew, and saw this Long-tailed Duck. It was all alone in the water when we first got there. Never saw another one all the while we were there, just this one. It swam around the water, diving in and out every few seconds, then it did this peculiar behaviour of preening frantically, then circling, then raising up out of the water as if it were going to flap the wings, but didn't, and paddling wildly, then down in the water again to preen. This happened over and over again for several minutes. After this, it got up on the bank by the edge of the water and stood there looking around and then staring in one area as if thinking "where is everyone?"....lol. Taken with Canon 5D Mark IV &  Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary @ 500mm + Sigma TC-1401 1.4x Teleconverter (total focal length 700mm)

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