Picture of the Day - "Victory Flight" - June 4, 2016

This morning after leaving work, the sky didn't have a lot of colour. It was pretty gray. But we decided to stop by the Riverfront to see if there were any scenic opportunities. When we drove in and parked, it didn't look promising. But when we got out and walked over to the river, we saw a Great Blue Heron, just hanging around waiting for his opportunity to grab a fish. However, he had some competition there as well, a gull. He was also waiting for his breakfast...lol. They ended up in a staring contest to see who would give up first. Well, the Heron won, as the gull flew off after a little bit. This image is when he flew off a rock after he won the staring contest.....lol. He was so close when he flew, (I was using a 400mm), that he filled the frame :) Taken with Canon 7D Mark ll & Canon 400mm F5.6 L USM lens.