Picture of the Day - "The Search" - July 22, 2016

This afternoon we decided to check out the eagle's nest to see how the juveniles were doing. When we got there, only one juvenile was in the nest (L'eagle). D'eagle wasn't there. So we searched around for a bit but didn't find her. Then over our heads one of the parents flew in and landed on the nest and waited, and waited, and waited. We believe they were waiting for D'eagle to come to the nest. But she didn't show. So off the parent flew in search of her, flying up in the sky and circling around everywhere. After a bit, the second parent flew in from the same direction the other had come from. When they flew over top of us, they looked down for a few seconds, as if acknowledging us, then looked ahead and continued on. And again was searching high and low for D'eagle. Still no signs of her. We decided to check out another spot where a juvenile was spotted, but to no avail. Then out of no where we could hear 2 juveniles calling so we went back to the nest. D'eagle had come back and was with her sibling now. We wanted to be sure she came back as we heard there was a 3rd juvenile flying around in the area earlier and had gotten into a tiff with the parents. Taken with Canon 7D Mark ii & Canon 400mm F5.6 L USM lens.