Picture of the Day - "The Look" - July 10, 2016

This morning after leaving work, we decided to go to check the eaglets to see how they are doing before the rain started. It was another grey day. When we got there, this girl was on top of the "big" branch where mom and dad go. Both her and her sibling were calling for breakfast. I got a lot of really good shots but I choose this one of her on the second branch because of the look on her face. This was just before she took another practice flight/jump down to the nest. It's the look that got me :) Taken with Canon 7D Mark ll & Canon 400mm F5.6 L USM lens.

This was only cropped from the top a bit to make it more a panorama to emphasize the wings. The width is not cropped, so you can see how large her wing span is :)