Picture of the Day - "The Dive" - June 22, 2016

Today we took a road trip to Kouchibouguac National Park and walked around for about 4 hours taking in the scenes and birds. We came to this bridge that went across the water and saw these Common Terns flying and diving to catch fish. I got a lot of good photos, but also had to delete a lot of other ones....lol. They were very difficult to keep track of and in focus :) They are quite quick and turn on a dime every which way. They were quite the challenge. I have a series of this one Tern flying, then diving into the water, then coming up with no fish. He tried several times and did manage to get a fish eventually :) This shot is when he was in mid dive to catch his lunch, but missed.

Taken with Canon 7D Mark ll & Canon 400mm F5.6 L USM lens.