Picture of the Day - "One Of Our Nemesises" - April 28, 2017

Well today when we got home, we had a visitor who frequents the ground below the bird feeder. We have tried on several occasions to capture this male ring-necked pheasant in a picture, but were unsuccessful. When we saw him, again Roger carefully opened the window as to not make any sounds to scare him. We've done this dozens of times and he still manages to hear us and then flies away before we click the shutter.....lol. This is why he is one of our nemesises....lol. Today, however, we managed to get the window open without him hearing us and I had my camera in hand and fired away for a couple of shots before he ran off.  However, when I checked the back of the camera, it was pretty dark. I usually check my settings before we go out to take pictures. Today was the exception, and I forgot to check as I was a bit distracted with the fact he was still there after the window was open.....lol. 

So please excuse the grain in the picture as I ended up raising the exposure in post over 3 stops. But I thought this was a funny story about one of our nemesises that we are determined to get a 'good' picture of at some point.  And the quest continues......lol.

Taken with Canon 7D Mk ll & Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM

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