Picture of the Day - "L'eagle Memories" - Aug 13, 2016

Here are a collection of images I have of L'eagle. I tried to gather the ones that showed her personality from the time she first caught the wind underneath her wings and was lifted several feet in the air to her surprise, until about two weeks after she had fledged. I still have a hard time going through photos of her, knowing she won't be around anymore, but hope to do her memory justice for the very short life she lived. She died on Aug 10, 2016 tragically when landing on a very run down and neglected hydro pole with old wiring, rotting wood, and overgrown with tree branches. No one was around at that time to help her and it was only after a few hours we heard about it when someone saw her. One of our friends called the Dept Of Natural Resources and they took her down and she was sent for examination.

All of us who have watched her grow up are saddened by this unnecessary tragedy.

Please share this post so her memory lives on.



The next 2 photos are L'eagle in her tree, playing 'peek-a-boo'...lol, just before she fledged the same day :)



More of L'eagle after fledging.


This last photo is when she let me get within 4 meters. She never moved, just went along her normal routine sitting on her perch on the ground, very unconcerned, and even starting to fall asleep while I was taking her picture.....lol. Not sure if I should have been insulted as maybe she was bored...lol, but glad she trusted me enough to let me get some portraits. She will be missed greatly. Rest in peace my sweet L'eagle.