Picture of the Day - "Juvenile Flight" - Feb 15, 2017

Today while we were driving around, we stopped at Saint-Antoine, NB when we saw this juvenile bald eagle sitting in the trees. We think it may be a female and in her first year, so I'll call it a "her" :)  She sat there for quite a few minutes while we took her picture, listening to us (of course I was talking to her....lol). After another few moments, she turned around on the branch so her back was to us, only to pick at her talons. She didn't seem too concerned we were taking her picture as she turned around to face us again. She almost seemed to like being talked to....lol. Another few moments, and then she flew off in the direction of some crows. However, it was only another few minutes and we saw her again coming back over towards us to fly over the trees and circle a few times :) Such a beauty! Her markings were stunning. I took quite a few pictures of her and was unable to make up my mind which one to choose for my picture of the day. My daughter wanted this one, so this one it is :)

Canon 5D Mk lV & Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM + Canon 1.4x lll teleconverter –  @560mm, 1/2500, f8, ISO 1000, +3/4 exposure compensation.

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