Picture of the Day - "Is It Spring Yet?" - April 7, 2016

Starting to get back to normal with my photography after a bad cold & flu which ended up into pneumonia over the last 2 weeks. Definitely something I'm glad is getting over with so I can get back to feeling human again....lol. With the weather over the past few days being sporadic with very warm temperatures going to freezing cold, I was beginning to think that the promise of Spring had disappeared. But the last couple of mornings, there have been a large amount of Robins hanging around almost everywhere trying to see if they can get a meal. I found this guy rummaging around under the deck for some worms. I followed him as he hopped around the ground hunting until he stopped in a green patch of grass and saw me with my big lens attached to my camera. Then he was off to a "safer" place....lol.

Taken with my other camera Canon 70D & Sigma 150-600mm f5-6.3 OS Contemporary lens.