Picture of the Day - "Flying Carpet" - Aug. 16,2016

Time to get back to our regular scheduled programming. :) Spend some time down at Johnsons Mills this morning. The flocks are down this year. I was talking to one of the ladies who are there checking for leg bands and they are only about 10% of normal. We are hoping that they are just spread out of more territory than normal and not that they are fewer than normal. Then we went down to the marsh this evening to see if we could see some owls. We saw quite a few Northern Harriers but no owls.

Had to go through a lot of pictures to pick my picture of the day. This one does give a pretty good idea of how many Semipalmated Sandpiper there are at Johnsons Mills though.

Taken with Canon 70D, Canon 100-400 mm @400mm, 1/3200sec, f/5.6 and ISO 400