Picture of the Day - "Farewell" - Aug. 10, 2016


This morning we received the very sad news that L'eagle, one of the eagles we have watched grow up for the past few months, had died. For the next few days, we are going to be doing something different for our picture of the day and doing a tribute to the fallen. She was found in the wires on a power pole, near the nest. The pole and the wires are very overgrown and hard to tell from the trees. The Department of Natural Resources was contacted and NB Power were called in to get her down. She is being sent to a biologist for an examination. We (the Eagle Watch Group) have requested the results, including confirming if male or female.

The first 5 images are from the day she fledged and we finally located her. The last and featured image is from the last day I saw her. She was napping in the afternoon sun in the tree above where spent hours watching them grow.