Picture of the Day - "Coming At You" - July 18, 2016

What a morning we had! Actually, the last 2 days, so far. I will be sharing some photos taken of one of the eaglets (now juveniles) when we found her in the woods on the ground yesterday morning and when she came out and played in the mud, exploring everything (first time out of the nest), including picking up a big stump and trying to fly with it. But this morning was a real treat for me. This one (who we named D'eagle) made an appearance walking over to the grassy area again to perch on her, seemingly "favourite" rock, and while talking to her, she made a few indications of taking off flying again, and after a few moments, she did take off in flight......right in my direction :)

More photos to come of this mornings episode as well as the day before :)