Picture of the Day - "A Little Attitude Goes A Long Way" - Jan 4, 2017

Went to the creek again today to see if I could catch the wood ducks. Mrs Wood Duck was the only one this morning. Mr Wood Duck didn't make an appearance. While there, I watched her interact with the other ducks (mallards) and she seems to have a buffer zone which is about a foot, give or take. If another duck comes within that area, she makes her feelings quite clear to them to get out of her space...lol. Being smaller than the other Mallard Ducks doesn't mean she is meek. It seems to be the complete opposite with this one....lol. She has a ton of attitude :) This was the pose she took when seeing a mallard coming in for a landing near her :) Canon 7D Mk ll & Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM – @278mm, 1/400, f7.1, ISO 3200, +3/4 exposure.

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