Picture of the Day - "3...2...1...Take Off" - Dec 7, 2016

On my way out this morning, making my rounds, I turned on the highway. A few minutes later, I spotted a hawk sitting in some branches high up on a tree along the road. So I pulled over on the shoulder and my first thought was, "My camera is in the trunk. How am I going to get it without the hawk flying off?" While thinking, I got out gradually and made my way to the back. However, once I got to the back of the car, the trunk was still locked. So I went back to the drivers side and pushed the trunk button on my keys and made my way back to the trunk. I dug my camera out of the bag, all the while keeping an eye out to see if it was still there, expecting not to see it anymore as hawks are very skittish and just pulling the car over, makes them fly. To my surprise, it was still there, but watching me closely. I finally got the camera ready, and moved over to the side to take some pictures. It stayed there for a few seconds, enough for me to take a few shots, and then spread it's wings to take off. The light wasn't the best this morning as it was mostly backlit, but I like the position of the wings on this one as it's getting ready for that first leap into flight. Canon 7D Mk ll & Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM -  @400mm, 1/3200, f6.3, ISO 800

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